14 December 2017

Peggy Noonan’s Willful Blindness

Her latest column suggests that harassment is a product of the sexual revolution. She can’t possibly believe that.

Rebecca Onion

O’Reilly Among the Snobs

It takes one to know one.

Michael Kinsley

13 December 2017

Do Not Let Tom Cotton Anywhere Near the CIA

The senator is an extreme ideologue with the exact wrong temperament for the job.

Fred Kaplan

The case for normalizing impeachment

The Constitution's framers considered a few variants of the impeachment power. An early proposal would have restricted it to acts of "treason and bribery" only. That was rejected for being too narrow. A subsequent proposal would have expanded it to acts of "maladministration" as well. That was rejected for being too broad. "High crimes and misdemeanors" was the compromise, but it was never clearly defined.

Ezra Klein

11 December 2017

Why Evangelicals Stick with Donald Trump & Roy Moore

White evangelicals get their religion from their politics, not their politics from their religion.

Stuart Rothenberg

Worst Secretary of State Ever?

Rex Tillerson’s nonsensical explanations for hamstringing his own department only made things worse.

Fred Kaplan