17 February 2014

Stupidity in Economic Discourse

Paul Krugman

It works like this: Conservatives in general, and conservative economists in particular, often have a very narrow vision of what economics is all about — namely supply, demand, and incentives. Anything that interferes with the sacred functioning of markets or reduces the incentive to produce must be a bad thing; any time a progressive economist supports policies that don’t fit neatly into this orthodoxy, it must be because he doesn’t understand Econ 101. And conservative economists are so sure of this that they can’t be bothered to actually read what the progressives write — at the first hint of deviation from laissez-faire, they stop paying attention and begin debating with the stupid progressive in their mind, not the real economist out there.

Time to mobilize against inflation paranoia

Ryan Cooper

Here’s why blocking the Comcast merger is good for free markets

Timothy B. Lee

10 February 2014

The One Percent

Robert Solow's response to Greg Mankiw's essay in defense of top earners, and Dr Mankiw's response to that response

Reverse Notch Blogging

Paul Krugman does an back-of-the-envelope general-equilibrium analysis of the incentive effects of the Affordable Care Act, based on the Congressional Budget Office report on the future budget and economic conditions.

How the New Classicals drank the Austrians' milkshake

Noah Smith