30 March 2017

Judicial originalism as myth

The first condition required to justify constitutional 'originalism' in anything resembling an intellectually honest manner is that any constitution that may be interpreted this way have a sunset provision. In other words, successive generations must not be bound to the strict interpretation of a document in which they had no voice in creating. -ed. 

A brief guide to Kevin Hassett, Trump's new chief economist

Dylan Matthews

Farewell to Kenneth Arrow, a Gentle Genius of Economics

Larry Summers

Unemployment versus Underemployment: Assessing Labor Market Slack

John Robertson

13 March 2017

The Axe Files with David Axelrod: 118 - Carl Berns...

Dashed Expectations Power White Anger

So this is a possible explanation for why white Americans were angrier at banks and large companies than their minority counterparts. Their extrapolative expectations were more optimistic to start with. Having known nothing but enrichment for three straight decades, they suddenly found that this wasn’t just the way the world worked -- that in fact, wealth doesn’t just build itself for most people in most time periods.

The case for Supreme Court term limits has never been stronger

Lee Drutman