21 November 2016

David Brooks says conservatism has failed, but he misses the biggest reason: race

Zack Beauchamp

‘We Are in for a Pretty Long Civil War’

"He has been making arguments that he can't possibly believe, on behalf of the man he can't possibly believe in." To them, Pence made a pact with the devil, and says Wehner, "There should be consequences for that."

Julia Ioffe

16 November 2016

Republicans told their voters that politics is inherently evil. That stuck them with Trump.

Republicans set the stage for Trump not only by stoking Tea Party anger, but by convincing their constituents that the very idea of politics is repugnant, and only someone untainted by it could lead their party. And then they're amazed when the political neophyte they nominated turns out to have no idea what he's doing.

Paul Waldman

The Chris Wallace debate question that set off a firestorm

Ana Swanson

04 November 2016

Term limits are a bad idea

It's a nice fantasy that what Washington needs is a bunch of good old-fashioned common sense — common sense that can only come from people who aren't "career politicians." But the machinery of government is now incredibly complex. And the more we cling to the fantasy of electing uncorrupted political neophytes as saviors, the more we empower the lobbyists and bureaucrats who can accumulate a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

Lee Drutman

There Is a Conspiracy to Rig the Election, and Donald Trump Is Part of It

Forget the lurid fiction about voter fraud. Trump and the GOP are openly attacking the legitimacy of black voting.

Jamelle Bouie

02 November 2016