20 February 2018

Why Rising Wages Scare the Heck Out of Investors

The answer is a useful illustration of why the stock market is often a poor guide to the overall health of the economy.

Jordan Weissmann

It's Time for Wall Street to Give Up Its Love Affair With the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Let's face the facts: The Dow is a historic novelty, and the S&P 500 is a much better stock market barometer.

Sean Williams 

19 February 2018

Survival at All Costs

By releasing the Nunes memo, Trump betrayed the intelligence community to save his own skin.

Phillip Carter

The Backward Logic of the Nunes Memo

Amid all the lies Donald Trump has told about the Russia scandal, there is one underlying truth: The intelligence community truly fears him and considers him unfit for the presidency. This is not because the intelligence community is traitorous, or left wing, or (as Donald Trump Jr. sneeringly put it) wine-spritzer-drinking elites. It is because the IC had early access to a wide array of terrifying intelligence linking Trump and his orbit to Russia. People who spend their lives protecting their country from foreign threats saw in Trump a candidate who had at some level been compromised by one of them.

Carter Page is the kind of person who would be brought on as a foreign policy adviser only if (a) the campaign was actively seeking out Russian assets, or (b) it was so slipshod it could easily be penetrated by Russian intelligence.

Jonathan Chait

16 February 2018

A close reading of the Nunes memo shows how sketchy it is

The memo is conspicuously vague in key places and tends to downplay or omit information that doesn’t fit its narrative.

Andrew Prokop

15 February 2018

How the GOP Went Crazy

The conspiracy-nut wing has long been at the fringes of Republican politics. Here’s how it took over.

Kurt Andersen

14 February 2018

Forged Under Fire—Bob Mueller and Jim Comey’s Unusual Friendship

The inside story of how the most surreal night of the War on Terror united the retiring FBI director and his evident successor.

13 February 2018

12 February 2018

Donald Trump Just Asked Congress to End the Rule of Law

Trump is calling for an end to any semblance of independence for the IRS, the FBI, the Department of Justice, or any other federal agency.

Yascha Mounk

06 February 2018

Defending the Indefensible

Republican excuses for firing Mueller show how dangerous the party has become.

William Saletan

02 February 2018

01 February 2018