22 January 2014

Something to Behold

Josh Marshall

I expect Terry will continue to rant against Mexicans, blacks, Africans and all manner of racial freeloaders and vote for Mitch McConnell to keep them in line. I also think he'll be insured, which is the fundamental good in itself. And I think it will quickly become impossible to turn back the clock on the millions of who have care because of Obamacare and the tens of millions who have dramatically improved care (pre-existing conditions, lifetime limits, etc.) because of it. And Terry will become part of the expanding Obamacare constituency which will make it impossible to repeal even as he rages against Obama's socialism and Obamacare. This shouldn't surprise us. It's the world we already live in with regards to Medicare when the GOP's increasing number of older voters demand the government keep its hands off their Medicare.